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Omaha Digest is an online clearinghouse of local news, events and information in the Omaha, Nebraska metropolitan area. To share your news and information, please email Omaha Digest is not responsible for news release content in any way, including without limitation, any copyright, trademark, publicity, privacy, contract or other rights clearance, or the accuracy, timeliness, integrity, quality, safety, appropriateness or other aspect of any information or other content contained therein. Readers are solely responsible for verifying the accuracy and completeness of news release content, and for determining if any permissions are necessary to use the news release content, and, if so, for securing those permissions prior to your use of the new release content. If you choose to rely on or otherwise use news release content in any way you do so solely at your own risk and without any representation or warranty whatsoever from Omaha Digest, its affiliates or its service providers. Follow Omaha Digest on Facebook on Twitter

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