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Founded in 1887 by entrepreneur Erastus Benson, Benson, Nebraska quickly became a thriving eastern Nebraska town. As the City of Omaha spread westward, it annexed Benson in 1917.

Centrally-located in what is now considered the “heart” of Omaha, the community is proud of its historic buildings, magnificent parks, and cultural diversity. Benson is a very large neighborhood, bordered by 72nd to the West, Fontenelle Boulevard to the East, Ames to North and Western Avenue to the South.


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Benson Community Center
6008 Maple Street
(402) 444-5184

Benson Community Garden
1302 North 60th Street

Benson Farmers Market

Benson High School
5120 Maple Street
(402) 557-3000

Benson Lions Park
2005 North 66th Street

Benson Neighborhood Association
PO Box 4134
Omaha, NE 68104

Benson Park & Lagoon
7002 Military Avenue

Benson Park Championship Golf Course (18 hole)
5333 N 72nd Street
(402) 444-4626

Benson Public Library
6015 Binney Street
(402) 444-4846

Benson Plant Rescue
3103 North 50th Street
(402) 933-3867

Benson Post Office
6223 Maple Street
(402) 553-6524

Bowling Green Park
7065 Blondo Street

Gallagher Leisure Pool
2936 North 52nd Street
(402) 444-4270

Gallagher Park
2936 N 52nd Street

Grace Young Park
6317 Military Avenue

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